Free Case Converter Tool

Convert case or capitalize letters in your documents and text messages using the free case converter tool

With a single click, you can convert your text from uppercase to lowercase or from lowercase to uppercase, depending on your preference. If you have no idea how to change the case or capitalization in Microsoft Word or any other word processing software, then this online free case converter tool is designed for you.

Case Converter Tool offers several useful free tools, including the Change Title Capacity Converter Tool. You don't have to worry about losing any of the content you've worked so hard to put together. It's as simple as copying the text you want to correct into the tool's input area and using the appropriate case converter tool to fix it.

Compared to traditional word processors, the Change Small Text Converter Tool's autocorrect function misses some errors in a text more consistently.

Available Free Case Converter Tools:

Sentence case

You can paste any text into the sentence case converter, which will automatically convert it into a fully formed structured sentence.

It begins by capitalizing the first letter of each sentence before converting the rest of the text to lowercase and converting i's to I's. After completion, each letter will be changed to upper case.

lower case

The lower case text converter allows you to uncapitalize text by converting all of the letters in your text to lowercase characters. Simply copy and paste the text into the box above, then pick the 'lower case' tab.


The upper case transformer will convert any text to upper case letters. All lower case letters will be converted to CAPITALS as a result of this (and keep upper case letters as upper case letters).

Copy and paste the text you want to change into the box above, then choose the UPPER CASE tab.

Capitalized Case

Every word's first letter will be converted to upper case, while the other letters will be lower case. Copy and paste the material you want to convert into this format into the box above, then pick the Capitalized Case tab.

Why case converter tool?

The case converter tool helps to convert text easier. In a matter of seconds, our simple tool will convert large blocks of text to your preferred case (uppercase letters, lowercase letters, sentence case, etc.). Bookmark the Case Converter for quick access and use it to update your papers as needed.

Importance of Case Converter Tool

Our case converter is used to capitalize or style the titles for books, movies, articles, and other work headlines. All keywords are capitalized in the title case, while short terms are shortened. In the same way, text-transform is ideal for altering the issue in a statement.

You can copy and paste back into the document once you've finished the text transformation procedure of producing lowercase or other converters.

Our easy-to-use title case converter provides you with all of the text cases you require; simply choose one and click. When you're studying, writing, or submitting a piece of writing, a sentence case converter, lowercase letters converter, or all caps generator can help you out.
Both office employees and those in other professions who work with text regularly are frequently faced with the need to update the typed text register. In all cases, repressing the text is not the best technique to tackle the problem. Caps Lock and unintentionally clicked entered text are no longer a concern! Caps converter may change the cases in any document or academic paper.

Case converter tool is a handy web application that lets anyone effortlessly switch between uppercase and lowercase letters in text. Paste the words you want to convert into the text area. Select one of the buttons, and the gadget will complete the task for you.

How to use the case converter tool?

Have you ever written a whole note or document in caps lock without realizing it? Don't worry; you don't have to rewrite everything from scratch. You may now use our case conversion tool to change the text to the proper capitalization style rapidly. Lower case to uppercase, uppercase to lowercase, case title to case phrase, and so on may all be done with the upper case to lower case tool. Here's a quick guide to using the case changer in three steps.

Copy and paste the words, paragraphs, or full document into the box to the left of the Case Converter tool screen. While the case changer respects spacing, it does not recognize bold, italic, underlined text, fonts, or hyperlinks.

"Sentence case," "Upper case," "lower case," "inverse case," and "title case" are all options.

Your content will display in the same box with the capitalization style you choose. You can now manually select and copy it, then paste it into the papers.



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