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Format your unorganized HTML code with HTML beautifier Online Tool. Prettify HTML with our HTML Formatter in seconds.

Creating web pages using HTML is widely considered the most effective method. To manage and design websites, web developers worldwide use this language because of its clear syntax and simple logic. However, there is a problem with HTML, which is the code's length. Keeping track of an extended HTML code with hundreds of opening and closing tags becomes a significant challenge. 

The HTML beautifier is an excellent tool for quickly and easily formatting your HTML code. HTML code can be organized in such a way that it can be easily read by anyone with a basic understanding of HTML. Additionally, you can set the indentation level for HTML using this HTML beautifier. The spaces between tags like div and span are preserved by this HTML beautifier tool.

An HTML beautifier removes unnecessary spaces to make it clear and concise. Formatting web text does not necessitate the use of CSS but rather HTML. Formatting your HTML is easy with bold, italic, and heading tags.

Is there a difference between HTML Beautifier and HTML Formatter?

Yes! There is no difference between the two tools regarding function or purpose. If you don't have enough time to set up your HTML code in an understandable format, an HTML formatted online tool can help. Copy and paste your data to get your HTML code formatted.

Benefits of Clean or Beautified HTML code

In addition to indicating a developer's expertise, clean HTML code is also easier to understand. The following paragraphs cover some of the more significant advantages of using prettier HTML code.

  • All open/close tags should be managed appropriately, and your indent should be well-structured, which is why an online HTML beautifier exists.
  • Clean HTML makes it easier for users to keep track of their code and snippets. For the best results, you can also optimize the formatting method.
  • A developer can use this technique to quickly locate a specific codebase section containing a colossal amount of HTML.
  • Give your code a polished appearance that will help you stand out from the crowd of coders.
  • It's easier to read and more visually appealing if you use this HTML Beautifier.

What are the Benefits of Using an Online HTML Beautification Tool?

An online HTML Beautifier allows you to remove unnecessary spaces or characters from your code without any effort. The following are some additional compelling arguments in favor of using an HTML beautifier.

There's no need to set up anything:

You can use an online tool to improve the look and feel of your HTML without having to download and install anything. With an internet connection, you can clean up your HTML from anywhere in the world.

Any Device/Operating System Compatible

An online HTML Beautifier can use on any device, so you aren't restricted to using it on a specific one. The fact that you can use this facility from any operating system—including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux—means you don't have to worry about operating system compatibility.

Is HTML Beautifier Tool Free?

You don't have to pay a professional to format your HTML code in a standard format when you want to send it to your supervisor or teacher, thanks to the HTML Beautifier tool. It is possible to complete this task for free using the online utility provided here.

Is the HTML Beautifier Online Tool able to keep track of my personal information?

NO! Using this HTML Beautifier online doesn't save any of the data you upload to it for formatting. Our servers will delete any HTML code you enter into this HTML prettifier in a matter of seconds. Keeping your information private is a top priority for us, and we go to great lengths to ensure it. We will never share or use your HTML code in any way. There's no need to be concerned about the security of your personal information when using this online service.


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