Line Break Removal Tool

Using an online tool to remove line breaks with paragraph restoration, you may also remove empty lines, double spaces, and empty space at the beginning of paragraphs.

Remove Line Breaks Online

This utility allows you to remove line breaks from large blocks of text while retaining paragraph breaks. If you have ever received a text that has been structured with broken lines at the end of each line, such as text from an email or copy and paste text from a PDF column with spacing, word wrap, or line break issues, this application is a godsend.

Instead of keeping paragraph breaks, you can eliminate them (usually double line breaks). Use this tool instead of spending hours manually deleting line breaks if you're pasting content from something like a PDF with a peculiar text structure where the word wrap and abrupt line break is causing problems.

All those who need to work with the text can use this internet service. As a copy editor, you've probably encountered the problem of line breaks when attempting to copy text from PDFs, websites, and some programs. Even if all line breaks are replaced with spaces, the content will still read as one long paragraph, making it difficult to work.

You can remove line breaks and recover paragraphs by using this internet service. It's easy to get rid of unneeded line breaks and paragraphs with this site. You can also take advantage of functions like removing double spaces, empty lines, and blank paragraphs at the beginning.

What does Line Breaks Remover tool?

  • Use this tool to remove all line breaks from your text data quickly and easily.
  • A text data URL can be loaded, and line breaks removed with this utility. Enter the URL and press the Submit button after clicking on the URL button.
  • Users can also eliminate line breaks from the text data by uploading the file.
  • You can use Line Breaks Remover Online to remove line breaks on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


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